Guy B. Park Conservation Area – Platte County

Where:  Guy B. Park Conservation Area and Tobacco Hills Lake ( (link to Missouri Dept of Conservation map and area summary)

County:  Platte County

Closest Town:  Platte City

When: June 25, 2008

What:  This area is a treat for someone looking for a quick way to wet the line after work.  The area consists of a 19 acre lake settled at the bottom of a wooded hillside. Our first cast produced an 8 inch bluegill.  We later found out (from a very pleasant Conservation Officer) that the lake is managed for large bluegills.  It’s a no-motor lake and ideal for canoes or kayaks.  There’s also a nice, covered fishing dock and a boat ramp.  My daughter caught and released an 11 or 12 inch bass which she was excited about.  Talk about clear water!  This is the clearest water I’ve seen since being on the Meremac last summer.  You could see as deep as the light would allow.  I saw a nice bass about 4 feet down.  We had fun watching the turtles bounce our bobbers.  I took a serene paddle around the lake just before sunset.  We ended up with 11 nice bluegill. I hated to post about this place, because too much traffic will spoil it.  Just enjoy it and take your trash when you leave – according to the Conservation Officer many people just leave their trash laying around. You’ll be glad you made this trip. Oh…yes, the turtle was released.



2 Responses

  1. I heard about this lake and was trying to find a map to it. What a pleasant surprise to find this site. I just bot a 17 foot Grumman canoe and plan on using it on some of the remote floats that I have been going with a guide on. Now that my kids are gone, hopefully my fishing will increase. Always looking for Godly fishing partners that don’t mind portaging and not seeing another soul for a couple of days (staying in motels however…….too old for camping in a tent).

  2. I just went fishing today (8/1/12) and caught a 22 inch bass. along with some nice sized crappie and blugill.

    From Shawn:

    Congrats! Nice bass!

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