Here is a brief description of the kind of material included in each category:

Biblical Languages – Writing specific to the Hebrew, Greek, or Aramic languages used in the Bible.  Includes topics of textual criticism, original language exegisis, and articles relating to the original languages.

Classic Conversion Stories – I love history! As such, I like to research historical figures and write about them.  Specifically I enjoy hearing their conversion stories.

Commentary/Opinion – Writing about current events.

Devotional – Every Friday I post a devotional based on a particular passage of Scripture (even if I do nothing else that week).

Everyday Stuff – Family stuff, my hobbies, what I had for breakfast, when I clip my toenails, etc.

General Writing – Short stories, articles on topics unrelated to anything else, poetry (oops, I don’t do poetry. heaven forbid.)

Missouri Outdoors – Pieces about the great outdoors in Missouri.  We have some of the most diverse environment in the country: farmland, Ozark Mountains, lake country, the tip of the western plains, giant rivers, and large tracts of forest.

Bible Commentary – Writing about the meaning of passages of Scripture. Hopefully without my bias imposed and just letting the text speak for itself. 

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2 Responses

  1. Do You Do Funerals? Good post. It’s the here and now that concerns me, too. I want my life here to count when I enter into His presence. Very sobering post! Thanks for writing it.

  2. Enjoyed the article on Heston. What character was your favorite. I still find it hard to believe the change that has happened in actors through the years in regard to politics. Maybe a modern day Heston is Denzel Washington. He wrote the forward to a book I am reading on the testimony and life of Tony Dungie.


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