2008 Christian Writer’s Conference – Kansas City

Whether you write devotionals, Christian articles, books, Bible studies, curriculum, or online material there was a workshop for you at this year’s Christian writer’s conference in Kansas City sponsored by HACWN (Heart of America Christian Writer’s Network).

Mark and Jeanette Littleton are the co-directors of HACWN and organize the conference along with a group of members from the network.  Once again they offered a conference packed with informative workshops, experienced speakers, publisher representatives, writing contests, and numerous professional critique services.

Some of the publishers represented included:

·         Thomas Nelson

·         Focus on the Family

·         AMG

·         Barefoot Press

·         Gospel Publishing House

·         Kregel Books

·         Broadman and Holman

·         Come to the Fire

·         Bible Advocate

·         Share the Fire

·         Word Action

·         MomSense

There were 45 different workshops offered.  They included almost any writing topic imaginable: children’s books, blogging, fiction, basic photography, interviewing technique, the writer as speaker, etc.  The conference bookstore offered books on all kinds of writing and books written by local Christian authors.

You could also do the following:

·         Get a professional photo taken for promoting your work.

·         Get a free 10 minute appointment with an editor.

·         Sign-up for a manuscript critique (cost extra).

·         Get a website critique

·         Enter any of 8 writing contests

To see the conference brochure click here: http://hacw.winsunliterary.com/2008HACWNConferenceBrochure.pdf

The conference boasted 99 participants and 27 staff members, a 15% increase over last year’s conference.

I highly recommend HACWN and their annual conference to any writer; especially to those near enough to take advantage of other network benefits including: regular critique groups, professional email leads, and monthly meetings with professional speakers.

To learn more about HACWN click here:  http://hacw.winsunliterary.com/

Here’s a few pics of the event – yes, I need to sign up for the basic photography class next year 🙂

* Mark and Jeanette Littleton – HACWN Co-Directors


* Panel for First Page Exercise


* Workshop on writing devotionals (Paul Smith – Gospel Publishing House)


* Conference Bookstore


* One of Carmen Leal’s workshops (specializes in Marketing your work)


* Workshop on what editors look for in submissions.


Lunch on the first day



Mark Twain: A Life – Book Review

Title: “Mark Twain: A Life”

by Ron Powers

Published by Free Press (2006)

Powers has done such a marvelous job with this book that you sometimes feel you’re in the room with Samuel Clemmons and his family.  So many references to his work and letters make you feel as if you’re talking with him or at least a silent participant in his conversations.  Powers follows Twain from his humble beginnings in Florida, MO; travels with him out West then to the Northeast and covers his travels around the world.  He brings you into Twains thought process as he develops his well-known and more obscure works.  You also get to follow the development of his relationships with family, friends, and peers.  Some of these at times very tempestuous.  Powers shows how Twain’s environment affected his writing and thinking:  from the hardcore, calvinistic preaching at a local Presbyterian church, to the river influence, to the technology of the day. All of these elements, plus more affected his writing.  This substantial book at 700+ pages is a must read for the Mark Twain enthusiast.

“The Shack” – book review

The Shack”

By William P. Young

Published by Windblown Media (2007)


11 hours; that is the amount of time it took me to read this book. This is truly one of those books you can’t put down.  I started one evening and only slept a few hours out of necessity, but when I awoke I immediately began reading it again.  Young has weaved a tale that many are saying is destined to become a classic among Christian literature. Continue reading

Ben Stein should not be “Expelled”


This movie did not live up to the criticisms thrown at it by the media.

From other reviews I expected a “Michael Moore” type of documentary; one that had a few more shenanigans’s and staged events.  The trailers portrayed the film as such with Stein in a school boy’s outfit writing “do not question authority” on a chalkboard.  Honestly, I was a little concerned about how the movie would portray people of faith.

However, the trailers turned out to be more sensationalistic than the movie.

Expelled is a documentary where Stein interviews scholars on various planes of the human origin’s discussion crystal.  Unlike Moore’s films, where he uses hand-picked stooges  to support his point, almost everyone interviewed in this film have earned Phd’s.  It just so happens they disagree about evolutionary theory and the question of origins. Continue reading