Who Is This Guy?


“Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well…”  John 4:12 

The woman at the well asked Jesus a question that is still being asked today.  Jesus told her that he could give her living water; water that was more satisfying than the water in her well.  Her response was, “Who is this guy?” Or, in the words of Scripture, “Are you greater than our father Jacob…”  She wanted to know who Jesus was, how could he do this, what made him greater than any other man that he would be able to give her living water. 

In essence people are still asking the same question today.  It’s phrased a little differently; but essentially the same.  Some of the questions you hear are: 

* Was Jesus greater than just a good teacher?

* What makes Jesus greater than any other prophet or religious leader?

* Were his miracles greater than others done in the day  (or did Jesus do those miracles – from the skeptics)?

* Is Jesus great enough to make the claims he made?

* Is Jesus greater than my current god?

* Just who is this Jesus anyway?

In a nutshell, “Jesus, are you greater than ____________”.  Fill in the blank yourself. 

Interestingly enough, Jesus answered the woman’s question.  She told him in further conversation that she knew a Greater one was coming and would “tell them all things (vs. 25).”  She also called this anticipated person, the “Messiah” or anointed one. 

Jesus answered her first question by stating, “I who speak to you am He (vs. 28)” 

The answer today to those asking the similar question, “is Jesus greater than ____________,”  is…