Email to Pastor Bill Wilson – Metro Ministries

Dear Pastor Bill,




I came to visit Metro Ministries for a few days last spring.  I wanted to learn about the man and the ministry behind the documentary  I saw on cable late one night, “The Legend of Pastor Bill.”  My visit was truly an inspiring experience.


I rode with Willie on his route and helped with a couple of sidewalk Sunday Schools.  I saw him teach the Bible with passion to a couple crowds of kids and parents.  I saw your interns interact with the kids, give snacks, pray with people.  I saw people without hope hear the real hope of Jesus Christ.


I also rode your bus! But you were on vacation 🙂  I saw kids get on who I’m sure have tough home backgrounds; but who were very excited about going to Sunday School.  Some were quiet and some jabbered away.  Some were sleepy and some were on Captain Crunch cocaine (if you know what I mean).  But the interns and staff loved them all, had fun with them, and got them to the building. During the Sunday School the kids had a solid, fun message about the Bible; they saw some great skits; had a blast singing songs; and were told how much the staff and God loved them.


It was one of the most inspiring and vision-building events of my life.


AND – at our new church plant, we are offering a new ministry based off your model.  On Wed nights we have a “KidZone” ministry.  We share the Gospel, give the kids prizes, help them learn verses, encourage them to bring their friends, and give them Bibles.


We’re small; but we’re trusting God and working hard to reach our community.  The first night two weeks ago we had 20 teens, 34 elementary kids, and 10 in the nursery. We had over 104 total! You can see some pic’s attached.


You, your ministry staff, and Metro Ministries inspired us to offer this.  God is changing lives on Des Moines East side because of you !


Pastor Bill – TELL YOUR STAFF THANKS!! They are a great group of folks!  You are and should be proud of them.


Thank you for being a world-changer for Jesus!




Shawn Barr

Lead Pastor

Grace Fellowship Church

Des Moines, IA


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