Congrat’s Tiger (you weasel)

Okay – Tiger’s a weasel.

Now that that is out of the way, I will say I’m glad he won today.  I know a lot of people (friends included) who don’t care one way or another about Tiger’s golf game anymore.  And there is a lot of justification for feeling that way.  But here’s the thing – I, and the world, have watched Tiger for so many years; he’s given us so many thrills, I just can’t help but be happy for him.  I don’t want to feel down on a guy for the rest of his life because he was stupid – beyond stupid.  I have a friend who says, “we’re all just one step away from stupid!”

And here’s the other thing – you may find this strange.  I really care for those athletes I enjoy watching.  This goes for others in the “limelight” of who I enjoy their work:  athlete’s, actors, authors, etc.  As a Christian, I want the best for them and, you may find this stranger, I actually pray for them.  Not every day, or even every month, but I will offer up a prayer when I see them in action or think of them while reading an article or watching an interview.  The prayer is usually about their standing before our God.  Do they know Him?  Have they heard the Gospel?  Do they know what Jesus Christ has done for them?  So I’ll pray that God would send someone to them to share the Gospel message with them.

I know Tiger is intrigued with an eastern religion.  I’ll pray for him tonight that He would come to know the true joy of knowing Christ.  That regardless of the wreck that he has made of his marriage and other relationships, God loves him, redemption is available, and there are people who care for him as a person.

So congratulations to Tiger today for a win to end his drought of 2 years and good luck in 2012!

Oh yeah, and Tiger – if you ever want to talk about that other stuff, shoot me an email.  It will only cost you some putting tips.  (Like that will happen)


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