Monday Meanderings – Nov 14

A great day at Grace Fellowship yesterday!  I hope I never tire of saying that and that it never becomes less true.  I walk out of our gatherings each week feeling blessed to be a part of what God is doing in our fellowship.  We have had an even 1/2 dozen services now.  I can not believe how much has happened since the beginning of July when we had our first “core-team” meeting.  Some kind of heavenly record must have certainly been set in how quickly this new church was conceived and born – all the credit and glory goes to Christ.  Here are my random thoughts this Monday morning after our 6th service:

  • Baptism – excited for the person we baptized yesterday (congrat’s Nicole!). Christ has given us this simple and beautiful expression to identify with Him and His work.  May this one be only one of many, many more at Grace Fellowship representing lives changed by the Gospel.
  • Opposition – Yes, Christ promised it and it will come and there were challenges this week.  Nothing serious – but, just preparing for Sunday there were a few issues which came up.  John Wesley once had a brick thrown at him hitting him in the head.  His comment was, “Thank the Lord.  I hadn’t had anything thrown at me for a week and was beginning to think I was doing something wrong!” 
  • Connect, Connect, Connect – I’ve seen many new folks come to Grace Fellowship.  I long to see all of them get “connected” into some kind of smaller group.  We’re working on getting some Life Groups (home groups) going and an additional group on Sunday mornings as well as a Men’s ministry.  I personally know the benefit of being in a smaller group of believers for sharing, caring, prayer, and learning.  It is powerful and life-changing as the baptism testimony from Sunday confirmed.
  • Enjoying the Journey – Leader’s tend to live in the future.  We are always looking for the next hill to take, next person to influence, or next ministry event to plan.  I have to tell myself to live in the moment, enjoy what God is doing, bless and be blessed by those God has sent to Grace Fellowship.  But on Monday mornings my mind is always in fast forward.  God help me to enjoy you and your current working!  (Now…where’s that ‘to-do’ list)
  • Word – I’ve been enjoying much time in God’s Word.  The Psalms have been my friend recently, as well as the text for the upcoming message.  I’m contemplating memorizing Ephesians or Galatians.  I believe our next message series will be in the book of John starting on January 1.  I appreciate your prayers as I prepare messages for our fellowship.
  • Next Generation – I thank God for our children’s and student workers.  You guys are inspiring to me!  Our elementary class had 18 yesterday (a high) and the G3 Student Ministry had a party with 20ish last night.  Our nursery workers are heros of the faith.  Thanks for investing in the future of Christ’s body.  Really – you are making a huge difference.
  • Evangelism – My heart aches for those who do not know Christ.  We will be starting a training class soon to help folks learn easy tools to share the Gospel with their acquaintances.  God made, loves, and sacrificed for people! I plan to make some “cold calls” this weekend to folks on the East Side and downtown.  I use a ‘multi-visit’ approach to make new friends and introduce the Gospel to them.  Pray for me as I go out and let me know if you would like to learn how.
  • Missing, Missing, Missing – Sunday afternoon I knew I had missed something in the morning and couldn’t put my finger on it.  Oh yeah, since I baptized I missed most of our worship in song.  I missed that.  Thanks worship team for what you do each week to direct our attention to the Lord.  I look forward to this part of our gathering each week and missed it this week.
  • More – I have more on my mind, but I’m beginning to ramble.  Things like Christmas, a January praise concert, more on LIFE Groups, food pantry, unseen servants each Sunday, facility projects, etc.  Those are for another time.

It’s a privilege to be a part Grace Fellowship.  Hope everyone has a great week.  Can’t wait for Sunday and our Thanksgiving Pot-Luck!  Warmly, Pastor Shawn


4 Responses

  1. Good to hear God is at work in you and Grace Fellowship. Exciting to see a church form from a group of committed people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Pray for you often. God’s best to you!

  2. You missed my Gong!

  3. Bernie…I did miss your Gong! Was one up there. You’ll have to show it to me.

  4. Thanks Bob! I appreciate your prayers a lot.

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