Welcome Message for Grace Fellowship Brochure

Every church has to have a “Welcome” brochure.  Right?  So I drafted a message from the pastor.  I wanted it to be “real” as opposed to having a marketing feel.  This is what I came up with….what do you think?


So what makes us different from any other church?  Good question.  I’m not sure anything does – does that answer surprise you?

We just want to be a church that loves God, loves each other, and loves people.  This makes us like most other churches.  While we have a few things that are unique about us – we feel that being “different” really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The real difference-maker is Jesus and he is who we are trying to learn about, follow, and share with others.  Knowing him really does make all the difference.

What is important to us?  That might be a better question to answer.  Here are some thoughts:

a)       Genuine Worship – A weekly gathering (aka “service”) to genuinely express our love to God and get to know him better.

b)       Real relationships –  We are not perfect, but we follow one who is.  We want to care for and love each other following the example found in the early church writings (New Testament).  We also feel that true relationships don’t end on Sunday, but begin there.  We attempt to have groups meet during the week in which to “do life” together.  Groups meet for prayer, service activities, and to care for each other.

c)       Word – We truly believe the collective 66 books of the Bible are God’s, life-changing, communication to humanity.  We see that people are changed by the messages it contains.  Our goal is to communicate His message as it is written and allow God to use it in the hearts of those who listen.

d)       Gospel – The New Testament uses this word to encapsulate the message of Jesus Christ.  It is very important to us and the Christian community as a whole.  It is the message that…

  • Jesus Christ, God’s son, has paid the price for humanity’s sin by dying on the cross.
  • He came back to life after dying to prove who he was and that he has the power over death.
  • A person can be forgiven, restored to a right relationship with God, and receive eternal life through Him.
  • That Faith in Jesus is the only requirement God has for a person to be made right with Him.
  • Faith is simply believing in Jesus and his work to receive forgiveness and eternal life.

e)       All People are Important – young, middle-aged, and elderly: everyone deeply matters to God. We want our church to consist of all ages.  We want all ages to be nurtured in their relationship with God and their ability to serve Him.

f)        Next Generation – babies, kids, students will be the next leaders of the church.  We intentionally want to reach out to young people, see them come to Christ, and equip them to serve God and eventually lead the church into the future.

Is there more?  Yes, but I’m out of space.  However, I would love to engage your questions, meet you, and visit more.  Feel free to email, FaceBook, or call me.  I would also look forward to having a cup of coffee with you. God bless you in your journey to know Him better.  Let us know how we could help.


Pastor Shawn


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