Monday Meanderings… (October 24, 2011)

Mondays are “recoup” days for me as a pastor.  The morning is usually a time to reflect on Sunday and prepare for the new week along with praying and spending time in the Word.  This morning I just had some random thoughts about our new church plant I wanted to share…

  • Changed Lives – This weekend I met with two men who are going to begin a discipleship process together.  Their conversation was so spiritually raw it touched my heart.  The one who is going to be the mentor was so honest about how Christ had changed his life it was jaw-dropping.  To quote him, he told the newer believer, “I used to be one mean son-0f-a-__________.  But Jesus and learning the Word has totally changed my life.”   Wow. 
  • Children – I walked around the building on Sunday and was so grateful for the facilities and Kids ministry team God has given us for Children’s ministry.  My heart ached to see our rooms full with kids learning about God’s love for them.  On the other hand, I left the building on Saturday and saw about a half a dozen kids playing on the corner right across the street.  Now…how do we bridge the gap.  I’m praying God uses Grace Fellowship to do a miracle in the lives of kids and parents that He loves.
  • Jake – I love you man!  No seriously, thank you for leading your team, to lead us to worship the Lord in song.  My heart was full when I stepped on the platform to share the Word.
  • Chat Room – It was so good to see a “buzz” in the room on Sunday.  People were visiting, laughing, introducing themselves to others, enjoying coffee and donuts.   It was a warm place.
  • Youth Ministry – I stood outside the door Sunday morning and heard Ryan telling the group what they would be studying the next few weeks.  It is meaty stuff.  I thank the Lord for our Youth Ministry team and look forward to what God will do in their midst.
  • Behind-the-scenes-Servants:  A church functions so much with servants who are usually never seen.  There are donuts to be served, coffee made, lights to be turned on, bulletins to be copied, letters to go out, bathrooms to be cleaned, offerings to be transported, carpets to be swept, lessons to be studied, babies to be changed.  You know who you are and so does God.  Thank you for serving the Lord away from the limelight.  You are making an eternal difference.
  • Souls – A good number of people in our worship gathering indicated they had questions about God, eternity, and the issue of salvation.  If you are reading this – you are among friends!  We love you and so does God.  I would love to talk with you sometime about how to know for sure you are right with God.  Call me, shoot me an email, Facebook me, or stop me in the hall.  I am praying for you…and did so this morning.
  • Patience – I am a church-planter, thus I am impatient.  These go hand-in-hand and I actually think God has wired church planters that way for a reason.  But, it will take time to accomplish all we need to do to be a fully functioning church.  I see the need for small groups, missions, total-church involvement in outreach, leadership development, etc.  These are on my mind constantly.  Will you pray with me for patience, yet also God-directed steps to develop these important ministries in His timing.

There is more – but I don’t want to ramble.  I hope you are encouraged by what God is doing among us.  Keep praying, inviting, sharing Christ, serving, and reading the Word.  He is alive and at work in His body at Grace Fellowship.

In my devotions today this verse blessed my heart…

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.”  (Ps 84:10)


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  1. Good stuff brother…can’t wait to see what God does through you all! What a great team you have!

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