Have You Lifted Lately?


“To You, O LORD, I lift up my soul.” Psalm 25:1

The Hebrew word  for “lift” is interestingly similar to the word for our space exploration program, NASA.  Of course it is just a coincidence since NASA is an acronym.  However, both are involved in “lifting” something; one in lifting men and machines to space; the other involving the general idea of lifting anything.           

There can be a variety of reasons we lift our eyes or hands to someone or Something larger than ourselves.  We do it when we need help, such as a child looking for assistance from her parent.  We do it in surrender, when it’s obvious we can’t win a battle. We look up to someone we respect and honor.  We also lift our hands to someone we rely on.  Beggars lift their hand out of desperation.

But what does it mean to lift your ‘soul’ to the Lord? The word soul here has the idea of a person’s entire being.  It’s lifting up the part of you that makes you “you”.  It involves your life, desires, and personality.

David was lifting his soul to the Lord for various reasons: because of his enemies (v.2), to get direction (v.4,5), for mercy (v.7,8), forgiveness (v.11), and for protection (v. 19,20), among other reasons.  No wonder he was lifting his entire life to God; he needed help with every aspect of it!

A certain attitude is present when a person looks to someone else for help or to honor them.  It is one of humbleness, absolute dependence, or need of mercy.  Until one begins to have this attitude he will not look to someone else for anything.  Until that point is reached we tend to depend upon ourselves and our  own devices for solving a problem and determining our path.

People develop this attitude in a variety of ways.  For some it takes hitting rock bottom, for some it’s an illness, for some financial or spiritual bankruptcy.  For some it’s a natural reaction upon hearing about God or the Gospel.

Regardless of how we get to the point of lifting our soul to God, when we do He’s there to help, comfort, forgive, and protect.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where are you in having the right attitude toward God and lifting your life to Him?  He’s there for you when you decide to look up.


One Response

  1. Strange how easy it is to lift up the Lord from the bottom of a hole. No other light but the light from above. Thanks for the good reminder.


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