In Whose Ear Does God Whisper?

Ps 25:14    “The secret of the Lord belongs to those who fear Him.”

“Shhhh, want to hear a secret?”

Those words quickly get our attention.  We like to hear secrets.

You probably had secrets as a kid.  Maybe it was a secret hideout, a special code, a first crush, or your favorite fishing hole.  There was NO way you would share these secrets with anyone but your best buddies or girlfriends.  Secrets and close friends go together.

To know a secret you must hold a privileged position with a person or group. In fact the word secret in this verse is the same word used in other places to define a group of friends.  It’s translated other places in the Bible as assembly, counsel, or fellowship.  Typically there is a qualification to get into a circle of people.  Perhaps you share a hobby, live in the same neighborhood, or have a similar job.

Here David is telling us that God has some privileged information and he only shares it with certain people.  Wouldn’t it be neat to know the secrets of God?  Wouldn’t it be great to be in his circle?

David says that we can be in a position to hear the secrets of God.  We can know the things close to his heart.  Wow! What an awesome thing to be a confidant of God.

How do you know if you are in a position to know about topics God holds close to himself?  The litmus test is your fear factor towards God.  Now that seems strange.  Why would we fear someone who is a friend or close to us?  This type of fear is not what we think of as fearing an enemy or something evil, but a fear that shows respect.  Fear is really an attitude.

I’m afraid of my lawnmower.  It’s not because it’s evil.  It doesn’t turn into some kind of mower monster after dark and mow weird circles in my yard or anything.  However, I do fear it; basically because of what it can do.  I am definitely careful when it’s started and that blade is whirring.  I don’t want to accidentally stick my foot under it and have to adopt the nickname Stubby.  It’s good to have a healthy respect for your mower.

The nature or character of a person determines our attitude towards them. If someone is kind we might admire them.  If someone is wealthy we might be envious of them.  If someone is wise we are attentive.  If someone is an authority figure we respect them.

This nature in someone or something is that which causes you to sit up and take notice.  You can’t ignore them because of who they are or what they are like.  This could be a judge, your father, a principal, or a police officer.  There are just some people you can’t or shouldn’t ignore.  Only a stupid person ignores a police officer. A wise person fears or respects them.

What is it about God that should cause us to fear him?  Those who fear God understand his character, position, and power. A simple look at creation around us should cause us to wonder about the existence and traits of God.  The character traits in God that should cause us to fear Him are his complete power, justice, authority, and awesomeness.  Like having a high respect for a powerful, just person on this earth, say a judge or doctor or governor or king or president, we should have respect for God.  So when we recognize God for who He is and acknowledge Him, this is a type of fear.

This fear will give us the open door to more intimate knowledge of God.  David says that the “secret” of the Lord is for those who fear him.

God keeps his intimate knowledge, his secrets, for those who view him for who He is.  A true fear of God will also involve understanding his justice and provision for sin, which will lead you to His Son.

So what is your fear factor towards God? 

Do you have the right attitude so he will whisper his secrets in your ear?



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