Kendzora Conservation Area and Lake – Platte County

Where:  Kendzora Conservation Area and Lake ( (link to Missouri Dept of Conservation map and area summary)

County:  Platte and Buchanan County

Closest Town:  Edgerton

When: May 27, 2008

What:  Spent the day kayak fishing on this 35 acre lake.  Caught about 12 largmouth bass, 1 crappie, a bluegill, and a catfish.  The largest bass was about 2.5 pounds and the catfish 3 pounds.  Released all but 4 of the bass. I had my line break twice on bigger fish.  I was using a bobber and minnow most of the time. This is a great lake if you have a canoe or kayak as it doesn’t allow motors.  It’s small enough that you can get around easily.  There are a lot of standing trees on the east side and a few small coves if it get’s too windy.  The North end of the lake is very shallow – 1 ft to 3 ft deep.  There are two parking areas, but both are quite a ways from the lake.  I parked below the dam and hauled my kayak up the bank.  There’s a small walkway on the west end of they dam you can see from the road.


One Response

  1. I’ve had many good days on this lake. The best part is that people are hardly ever there, so it’s quiet.

    Any idea if they allow camping?

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