Pet Store Tragedy (not really)

The squirming mouse had no idea what was coming.  It was lying on the sandy floor of a dragon lizard’s cage underneath the bright light.  It was feeding time and a handful of tiny pink mice had been tossed this cage. In the blink of an eye, a bearded dragon lizard lunged forward and bit the baby mouse’s head off.

Yikes! I’m glad my daughter was in another part of the store petting the cute, furry bunnies.  She would have needed therapy for weeks if she had witnessed the decapitation.

My daughters love coming to the pet store.  We’re not a pet family, so this is how they get their pet fix. However, they’ll never go in the reptile room with me.  Now I understand why.  It’s violent.

After the crime the lizard was without remorse and just sat there with the head in his mouth.  He chewed a few times and, “gulp”, dinner was over.  He lunged out a second time and the baby mouse was gone.

I noticed that none of the other lizards seemed to care.  They just sat there and blinked.  There were no lizard screams of horror.  None of them tried to tackle the accoster.  911 was not called.  No female lizards were crying hysterically about the gore they had just witnessed.  It was just lunchtime in the pet store and no one cared.

This is the way it was designed to be.  Humans have emotions, fears, a sense of justice, and express outrage at crime.  Animals live by the law of claw and tooth.  It’s about eating, reproducing and survival.  There is no emotion or intellect in our furry or slimy friends.  While they are fun to have around, the chasm between humans and animals is as distant as one end of our galaxy to the other – if not further.

Why is this? Because our inner being is a reflection of God.  For some reason, He chose to put his image in humans and not the rest of creation.  Therefore we laugh, cry, have sympathy, get angry, and love.  We can do simple and higher math. We can think abstract thoughts.

Some would have us think that we are not far from the animal world.  They see complex communication in whales, social structure in groups of gorilla’s, and simple learning among chimps. While not wanting to discount the amazing creatures in our animal world, we must realize that not one of them can subtract 3 from 10 simply because they can do it.  Not one can think a thought outside of themselves. And not one shows love for the sake of love; except for maybe Trigger, Roy Roger’s horse.  Now there was a smart animal-in horse sense that is.  The gap between humans and the animal world is just one more evidence of the Creator.

No crime was commited in the pet store that day.  It was just the law of claw and tooth.  Although, for my daughter’s sake, I’m glad she was in a friendlier part of the store that day.

Genesis 1:27  So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.


(picture courtesy of; taken by Robert Dachiu Jr.)


2 Responses

  1. Lizards are small dinosaurs. I am glad we don’t live with them. Imagine instead of a dog-eat-dog world, we live in a dino-eats-dad world!

  2. Great reflection on the imago dei Shawn! Thanks.

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