Gladstone, MO Tornado – Images, Red Cross, Church Help

This storm roared through Gladstone, MO early Friday Morning (May 2) around 2:00am.  It was truly amazing that no one was critically injured as it took everyone by surprise.  Many people I talked to slept through the storm or woke up but didn’t take shelter. 

I was very impressed by the response of Gladstone and the Red Cross.  A shelter was set up almost immediately by the Red Cross at Antioch Bible Baptist Church.  They also had units at Continental North Apartments shortly after the storm hit.

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church had their emergency response helpers in the area.  I believe their trailer said, “Helping Hands.”  They were very busy cutting trees and helping people get their yards cleaned up.

Oak Hill Day School was severly damaged.  They will be spending their last 3 weeks of school at Antioch Bible Baptist.

It is interesting that the sirens didn’t go off in our area.  I haven’t heard exactly what happened in regards to this…perhaps the storm just hit too quickly.  I’m sure there will be more discussion around that issue.

Thank the Lord that no one was killed or critically injured. Below are some of the images and approximate locations. (click on each pic for a larger view)


A duplex in Continental North Apts – 76th and Euclid

Continental North Apts – 76th and Euclid

 Pawn Shop (rear) 72nd and N. Oak (approx)

Antioch Bible Baptist Church – 72nd and Harrison

Restaurant – 72nd and N. Oak (Approx)

Pawn Shop (front) – 72nd and N. Oak.

Antioch Bible Baptist Mission’s House (72nd and Harrison)

78th and Garfield – Shed and debris (just north of continental apts)

Playground at Continental Apts (77th and Euclid)

Duplexes at Continental Apts (76th and Euclid)

Continental Apts – 77th and Euclid

Around 78th and Garfield (Just North of Continental Apts)


4 Responses

  1. Wow, quite the pictures. These are some of the best I have seen. It is amazing how things like this draw neighborhoods together.

  2. wow i havnet been to this neighborhood in a while antioch was my old church. i miss this place, i wonder if my friends houses are ok i havent been able to contact them since the storm
    im sure they are fine,

  3. i know this place my dad was there helping out he was a gladstone firefighter

  4. I was in this tornado! About 8pm on May 1, our family watched the news hearing from other people about a storm tonight! When my sister and I saw the radar, we refuses to sleep upstairs knowing the storm could be big. At 2am in the morning in Oak View, my dad woke us all up an threw us in the hallway closet right outside our parents room. I heard the terrifying screech of the tornado pushing on the window for the first time. We ran down the basement stairs and took our 2 dogs with us. The 3rd dog refused to come down the stairs so I ran back up to get him. I saw out the kitchen window, the tornado in the backyard, disappearing. That morning we picked up sticks. There was a big tree in our neighbor’s yard that if it went the wrong way, it could have killed us or our neighbors. Quoting my mom, “This is the best birthday present ever!” I asked, “Why would it be?” My mom replied with, “Because none of us were seriously injured or killed!”

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