Fisherman and Jesus Make Good Company

Matthew 4:19 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” 

Our family is a fishing family.  I think we have stinkbait in our blood.  Or blood in our stinkbait; I’m not sure which.  We just love to fish.  My grandfather and father passed on the fishing gene to me.  Although I don’t get out as much as I’d like, I enjoy it tremendously when I do.

There’s a misconception by many that fishing is a passive activity.  Anyone who has fished seriously knows this is false.  If you picture fishing as sitting for hours on end and waiting for the fish to “bite”, you’re probably not a fisherman (or at least one that catches anything.)

Fishing is an active sport.  It involves preparing equipment and checking the weather.  In involves knowing water temps and when certain fish spawn.  You must know the type of live bait and lures a fish is partial to.  You must know the body of water you’re fishing: structure, depth, etc.  And you must be ready to change your plans if you’re not catching anything.

When fishing, rarely do I sit for more than 10 minutes if not catching something.  If you’re not catching something change location, bait, or something!

Jesus used fishing as an example of evangelism.  He told his disciples he would make them fishers of men.  They knew what fishing was – WORK! 

Evangelism is also not passive.  To spread the good news of Christ takes work.  

It takes:

  • Prayer
  • Learning the Scripture
  • Becoming a conversationalist
  • Genuinely caring for people
  • Taking an interest in others
  • Showing acts of Love and Kindess
  • Initiating discussions about the Gospel
  • And – Being persistent

What do we use to catch people?  The Good News of Jesus Christ: the message that a person can have peace, forgiveness, and eternal life by having faith in Jesus because of who He is and what He’s done.  God does the saving, we do the telling.

Statistics tell us that only 10% of Christians ever lead another person to Christ in their lifetime.  Why?  Because following the command of Christ is not easy.  It’s not passive.  It’s not automatic.  It takes all of the above and also being willing to take a risk.

Why did Jesus tell his disciples they would become fishers of men?  Why is this one of the FIRST comments to them about what they would be doing?  Because God cares deeply about us and has given us best news of all time that he wants the world to know.  Better than a cure for cancer.  After all, a cure for cancer would just save the body.  The Gospel saves the soul.

Oh…and if you have the “fishing gene” you must fish.  It’s not optional.  If you are a believer in Christ you have the command to tell others.  It’s not a suggestion.



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