Job, Job, How does your garden grow?


Job 38: 27 ….(who) causes to spring forth the growth of tender grass?

We were sifting our fingers through the soil and filling peat pots.  My wife, oldest daughter and I were planting tomato, pumpkin, watermelon and flower starts.  After digging little holes in the earth we dropped in the seeds; the melon and pumpkin seeds were planted little deeper than the tomatoes.  The flower seeds we barely covered.  I love springtime and getting my fingers dirty.  We finished our work and set our starts in front of the kitchen deck doors with anticipation.

It’s a magical time of year really.  You mix seeds, soil, sun, and water and voila!  A few days later little living things peek out of the soil.

How does that happen?!  We can understand the biology of it.  The typical high school biology textbook explains germination, photosynthesis, and seed structure.  But we still can’t explain the “why” of this little miracle.  We also really can’t explain the “how” of it.  The magic behind life is still a mystery that can’t be explained or duplicated in the lab.

We see God use this mystery to help our Old Testament friend, Job, understand His secret purposes.

At the end of Job’s troubles he began questioning God.  He began justifying his life and asking why he should suffer so much.  He had led a good life; he had tried to be godly; he tried to do what was right.  Why should God allow this to happen to him?  In essence he was questioning God’s purpose and reasons.

God began showing Job that His ways and purpose are beyond our understanding.  When Job began to get a little self-righteous, it was time for a wake up call.  So God asked him some questions, “Job, where were you when I set the foundations of the earth? Where were you when I set the boundaries for the seas? How do the deer mate and give birth? And…what causes the grass to spring forth?”

Job repented and gave glory to God for his work and who he is.

Spring reminds us of the creative power of God.  It reminds us that although we can understand many things about the universe, our planet, and life processes, there are still mysteries that we can’t explain. Although we can’t explain all these things, we can trust the Owner of these mysteries.

The plant shoots in our kitchen are a small window to the mysteries of our creator God.  And like Job, we can trust God even when we go through difficulties in life.


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