Spiritual Fashion Check


I was rushing around for work and heading out the door when I heard the cursed words, “You can’t go out like that!”  My wife had caught me again.  My white undershirt didn’t look good under my burgundy pullover.  I had to stop and change and waste my time so I didn’t embarrass myself again.   

Fashion checks are common in my home.  Unfortunately I’m usually the victim.  My wife and two teenage daughters give me the once over before I’m allowed to leave the house.  Sometimes I escape.  But that means something worse, a fashion check when it’s too late.  One of them will say, “Pleeeease tell me you didn’t wear that all day!” Shoot – and I thought that orange shirt was fine with those green pants. 

I actually use my middle-age, don’t-care-what-people-think, dress style as a form of discipline with my kids.  “You shape up or I’m going to put on my white socks and black dress shoes and make you walk around the mall with me!”  “Aaaaiiieeeee!”, is their normal response.  It’s a good tactic. 

Fashion checks are a good thing.  They make me better. 

Something all of us need is spiritual “fashion” checks – people who ask us questions about our spiritual practices, our understanding of God, and our belief systems.  There needs to be someone in our life who asks, “Why do you believe that?” or better yet “Why don’t you believe that?”  We all know a lot of loonies out there who believe weird things about God.  But there is truth we should embrace and untruth we should avoid.  95% of the world believes in “God”, but what do they believe about Him?   

Most people don’t like these conversations.  You know the old saying, “Don’t discuss religion and politics.”  It’s a copout.  We need to talk about God, faith, origins, comparative religion, evil, Scripture, Jesus, other gods, what to believe, what not to believe.  The reason we don’t is because of fear.  Someone might point out where we’re wrong.  Yikes!  Just like that clash in our clothes could be a problem; a certain belief might be also.  Which is worse: wearing a wrong colored shirt or being wrong about God?   

So who provides your spiritual “fashion check”?  It’s more than a matter of wearing the wrong socks. 

Hmmm…now where did I put those plaid shorts? 

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.


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